Tipsy Cupcakes

Ever wanted something sweet with a buzz? With Tipsy Cupcakes,
 you get the best of both worlds! You can't eat just one!

Customer Testimonials

That Hennessy cupcake was freaking amazing! The combination of flavors along with the premium cognac is awesome! Ya'll did your thing and congratulations! It's great!

Kelly L., Richmond VA

They are so good! I love them! I will be buying more very soon!

Tarchell M., Richmond VA 

It shouldn't be this good! Wow! You taste the Hennessy, the chocolate cupcake and the icing in the middle is going to get you right!

Harold T., Richmond VA

Picked up a few Tipsy Cupcakes at the S.A.S.S. event to take home and share with my husband. They were outstanding. My favorite was the Apple Cinnamon however Marble 151 and Vodka Cotton candy were close behind.

Amy M., Richmond VA

Deliciously moist, sweet, and fresh. It's an edible cocktail perfect for all events or to wow that special some one. Boozy with a little sass my favorites are Cotton Candy Vodka, and margarita. Most def sets the vibe for a fun and cute treat turned tipsy. Designs are fun and flavors are expansive , for an affordable price!

Ori M., Richmond VA

The ladies are wonderful & friendly!!! The cupcakes? OMEEG DELICIOUS!!!! I'll definitely be back!!! Thank you!!!

Jenni, Richmond VA

Absolutely The Best! Wonderful service, Irresistible Product! My only gripe is I ate it so fast I didnt get a picture. I had the 151/Chocolate cupcake.. Wish I had gotten a few more!

Sheila N., Richmond VA